Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE

Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 - 1.19
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Natural disasters are one of the worst things you might face while playing Minecraft. Of course, they can not damage you if you play on a low difficulty. However, on the more challenging levels, they might significantly demolish your house and create various problems.

This guide will find out about the Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE. This modification adds a few consequential types of the tornado to Minecraft, which makes it one of the best options for people who want a complex survival experience in Minecraft.

Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The foremost thing you should know about this mod is that six types of tornadoes will appear in Minecraft PE by installing it. Every tornado is different and deals additional damage. 

And you will be able to summon these tornados manually. There will be added particular item – Tornado Summoner. You can obtain it by using a creative menu. And with this item, you will be able to spawn any tornado. Using it, a special menu will be opened, and you can manage summoned tornadoes as you want. Continue reading the guide, and you will learn more about every tornado added with this update.

Tornado F0

This tornado travels 0.25 every millisecond and is the fastest tornado in this mod. However, it can not take blocks up from the ground. It can only drag mobs toward it, giving them a low gravity effect.

Tornado F1

Tornado F1 travels 0.24 blocks per millisecond. Unfortunately, this disaster is way more dangerous than previous. It can pick up dirt, grass, sand, red sand, and snow from the ground.

Tornado F2

It is the slowest and the most dangerous tornado that will be added with Tornado Mod. This tornado can pick not only blocks but also players and mobs. And if you get caught by this tornado, you will have nearly 0 chances to escape. That is how it is.

Also, by installing this modification in the game will appear two water sprouts. However, they spawn exceptionally rarely. So, there is no point in talking about them in this guide. That is how it is.


1.16 - 1.19