MeduCreeper Mod for Minecraft PE

MeduCreeper Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.8 - 1.9
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Creeper is the famous monster in Minecraft PE. Even people who do not play Minecraft and haven’t played this game know about the Creeper. There are a lot of different cups, T-shirts, and other items with creepers in real life.

However, the creeper is one of the most dangerous monsters for Minecraft players. The point is that the creeper can explode, destroying all blocks in the surrounding area. And the surrounding area will mainly be your house, farm, or other necessities for your construction.

To solve this problem, people have created the MeduCreeper Mod. It will replace the classic Minecraft creeper with the custom one. And if you want to find out more about this modification, read the guide below. So, let’s get started!

MeduCreeper Mod for Minecraft PE

As you know previously, by installing this modification classic Minecraft creeper will be replaced by MeduCreeper. This is a creeper who wears a swimsuit and can unlimitedly stay underwater. However, even this is not important.

The main thing in this mod is that MeduCreeper will not be able to explore. Instead of an explosion destroying your house, new creepers will be throwing memorable fireballs. To be honest, that has some advantages and disadvantages as well.

Of course, MeduCreeper will not make you angry like the standard creeper. Also, this variation of the creeper is less powerful, and you can easily dodge its attack or hide from it. However, MeduCreeper can be under the water. Moreover, it can jump from the water and attack you on the ground. That is the main disadvantage of this creeper.

In conclusion, installing the MeduCreepeer Mod is only a matter of what you need. If you suffer from the classic Minecraft creeper, you must install this mod. However, if you are ok with the classic creeper, there is no reason to install this modification. That is how it is.

MeduCreeper Mod
1.8 - 1.9