Lucky Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE

Lucky Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18 - 1.17
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To be honest, your result in Minecraft will always depend on your skills, not your luck. All things that will happen in the game will result from decisions you make throughout the game. And it appeared that playing Minecraft without randomness is boring. As a result, players created Lucky Blocks mod to make the video game more interesting. To find out how this mod works, read this guide. So, let’s start!

How Lucky Blocks Mod Works in Minecraft PE

This mod adds a special gold lucky block item in the game. Do not worry; this block is very noticeable; it has poisonous yellow color and question marks on all sides. So, how does this block work When you see this block, you have to destroy it to get some items? There are no special requirements, and you can even use your hands to destroy gold lucky blocks. Items you will obtain using this block entirely depend on its luck points. 

Every block can have a random amount of points from -80 to +80. If the score is higher than 0, the reward will be positive; if block points are less than 0, you will get a penalty. The closer your result is to -80, the worse punishment you will get. However, let’s find out how to get this block.

How to Get Gold Lucky Block in Minecraft PE

Unfortunately, there are only two ways of getting this block. The first option is to craft it using a workbench. Put the dropper in the center and eight gold bars around it. You will get one lucky block by completing this craft. The second option is to find this block throughout the world. However, the probability of finding a lucky block is too low. It seems that chances are even lower than finding diamonds. In conclusion, a better option to get the lucky gold block is to craft it. Gold is not as important a resource as iron or diamonds. So you can easily spend it to try your luck.

What you Can get From Lucky Block

As you know previously, you might get a positive and negative prize. And it doesn’t matter whether you found the lucky block or crafted it. So, let’s dive into it and learn more about the rewards.

Rewards from Lucky Block

The most standard reward is the tonne of food, such as sweets, fruits, and meat. However, you should be careful because some food might be poisonous. An armor and resources block, like a diamond or golden block, will be a better reward. And the best thing you can get is Enchanted weapons and armor. However, it is in case the lucky block scores need to be higher than 60.

Penalties from Lucky Block

However, you will get penalties from the lucky block more often than rewards. And the minor penalty is the sponge block, which will be given to you if the lucky block score equals 0.

In other cases, you will be simply killed or slapped or even locked in the iron cage with lava. The most common punishment variant is spawning some armored zombies. However, ignoring them is risky.  In conclusion, Lucky Blocks Mod is one of the most interesting in the game. It provides one of the few ways to spend gold in Minecraft. Therefore, it is recommended to download and use this mod.

Lucky Block
1.18 - 1.17