More TNT Mod for Minecraft PE

More TNT Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.19
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One of the most exciting things about Minecraft is destroying the world. Unfortunately, in this video game, only 1 type of TNT block can be used to destroy an in-game world. However, by reading this guide, you can solve the problem.

Here you will find out about the More TNT mod for Minecraft PE. It is one of the most exciting modifications that will add 12 new types of TNT to Minecraft PE. So, you will be able to destroy the Minecraft world even faster with this modification. Just continue reading the guide to find out more about it.

More TNT Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The foremost thing you should know about this mod is that all TNT blocks that will be added with this modification can be crafted in the survival mode. If you are lazy, you can easily get them from the creative menu. And in the table below, you can find out more about every TNT added with this mod.


TNT Description 
Warp TNT This TNT can be crafted using an Ender Eye and 4 TNT blocks. And the fact is that this block randomly explodes, which makes it unpredictable.
Drill TNT Drill TNT can be made using 4 main Minecraft tools and TNT. And the fact is that this TNT makes a 3×3 hole in the ground, mining resources for you.
Fire TNT Similar to ordinary TNT but leaves fire after an explosion.
Float TNT Float TNT is the universal TNT that blows in the air, which is insane.
Mining TNT An updated version of common TNT which breaks only Stone, Deepslate, and Netherrack.
Chase TNT Chase TNT is one of the strangest TNT in this modification that chases nearby players while exploding.
Split TNT This TNT splits into 4 TNT blocks while exploding, significantly increasing an exposing range.
Fake TNT Fake TNT is the fake TNT that can be used to prank other players.
9x TNT The TNT block has a power of 9 TNTs. Can be crafted by combining 9 ordinary TNTs.
81x TNT TNT block that has a power of 81 TNTs. Can be crafted by combining 9 9x TNT blocks.
729x TNT One of the most powerful TNT with a power of 729 Blocks. Can be crafted in the same way as previous blocks.
6561x TNT The most powerful TNT block in Minecraft Can be crafted using 9 729x TNTs.
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