Wolf Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Wolf Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition
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Version MCPE 1.16
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If you feel that in Minecraft, there are too few different animals, the only option for you is to install modifications on the internet. However, there are too many mods. So, it might be hard to choose the best one for you.

And if you are still in search, Wolf mod is one of the best mods for Minecraft PE. Be sure you will never disappoint because by downloading this mod. Read this guide to find out why it is so good. Let’s start!

Wolf Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The point is that this mod adds a new animal in Minecraft, the wolf. And it is not only a single wolf; by installing this mod, 17 new types of wolves will be added to the game. But not only the wolves, many new items and even the wolf house will be added to Minecraft. However, as the main thing in this addon is new wolves, let’s find out about every wolf more!


Wolf Description
Brown Wolf It is the most widespread type of wolf in Minecraft. You can find it in the forest and near the caves.
Black Wolf Black Wolf is the cutest type of wolf in Minecraft. And to see it, you have to travel to Taiga.
White Wolf The standard kind of wolves that spawns in the snowy areas.
Husky Wolf As with the white wolves, you can find Husky in snowy regions. However, Husky might be in a variety of colours.
Wild Dog It is the full copy of real-life African Wild Dogs. And their colour spectrum in Minecraft PE is lovely. To find them, move to savannas.
Frost Wolf This wolf is similar to the white wolf but has a grey coat and blue eyes as distinguishing features.
Scent Hound These wolves can return to their spawn area from any corner of the map. They naturally live in birch forests.
Nether Hound The scariest type of wolf. These wolves live in the Nether diversity. So, do not approach them without the bone.
Ender Wolf Fun type of wolf that will appear with the Enderman.
Dire Wolf This type of wolf can boast an enormous scale of colour patterns. However, these wolves are dangerous.
Rescue Hound The copy of the dog from real life. You can find these wolves in the snow area. However, they are peaceful.
Prismarine Wolf This wolf you can find only under the water. Therefore, you will not meet it while playing Minecraft.
Zombie Wolf These wolves can spawn in the forests. Unfortunately, they are infected. So, you can cure and only after tame them.
Wandering Wolf Wandering wolves can be found all over the Minecraft world. And the best thing is that you can trade with him, that is perfect.
Elemental Wolves The most exciting type of wolves on the element theme. Some of them can be transformed into a dragon.
Skeleton Wolf They can empower nearby monsters. So, you need to get rid of them as fast as possible.
Easter Egg Wolf There are also a lot of other wolves with the same functionality but in different colours. So, you can meet with them while playing Minecraft.