Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE

Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.14.0 – 1.19.2
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At the moment of writing in Minecraft PE Wither Storm, Mod is a unique modification. There are no analogues of it, which is one reason why this mod is so good. If you want to find out more reasons, read the guide below. So, let’s get started!

Wither Storm Mod Guide

Everybody who has played Minecraft knows that the final boss is an Ender Dragon. This boss was nearly unbeatable even a few years ago. However, in 2022 beating Ender Dragon is not such a challenging task. Even a beginner can do it if he follows the strategy.

To solve this problem, people created this Mod. It adds a new boss – Wither Storm. It is a modernized version of the traditional Ender Dragon. And honestly, this is one of the most challenging custom bosses in Minecraft. You will need a lot of experience, resources, and time to beat this boss.

How to Beat Wither Storm

This powerful boss has six stages; with every phase, it will get stronger and stronger. So, do not expect beating it will be easy for you. Be ready for the most challenging battle in your life. Let’s find out more about every stage.

In the first and second phases, beating this boss will not be challenging for you. Simply try to dodge the boss’s attack, and all will be ok. However, at these stages, you must be pretty careful with the distance, as the boss might throw its head.

You must do everything in the third and fourth stages to prevent the boss from completing the transformation. If you do not do this, the boss will transform into the three-headed monster with a million health points. Also, try to dodge attacks and not get too close to the boss, as it might be fatally for you.

Even if you have completed all previous stages, you will have no chance of winning the boss during stages five and six. The point is that Wither Storm will use all surrounding blocks as a laser. The boss will throw them trying to kill you; even one hit will lead to your death.

In conclusion, you will have nearly no chance of beating this boss. Also, you will spend a lot of time and resources. So, download this mod only if you are ready to take this challenge

Wither Storm
1.14.0 – 1.19.2