War Mod for Minecraft PE

War Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.16 - 1.19
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If you want to experience real war in Minecraft PE, the only way is to download Minecraft modifications. However, on the internet, most mods are of poor quality. Therefore, by installing them, you will not enjoy Minecraft. Conversely, the game will become angry with you, and you might lose interest.

By reading this guide, you will learn about one of the most high-quality war addons for Minecraft PE. Just be sure, you will be pleasantly surprised with this mod. And if you want to find out why just continue reading the guide. So, no time to lose, let’s start!

War Addon for Minecraft PE Guide

By installing this modification, 17 military vehicles will appear in the Minecraft PE. And among these vehicles, you can find not only tanks but even fighter jets and cruisers. Be sure you will never find something similar to this mod. To not waste your time, below is a list of all vehicles that will be added with their short descriptions.


Vehicle Description
Humvee USA armored vehicle has 5 seats and an M2 browning turret.
M-ATV The most widespread armored vehicle has an M2 browning turret.
Cougar MRAP is Similar to the M-ATV.
URAL 4320 Russian offroad vehicle, which has 10 seats.
BTR-82A Armored 8×8 vehicle has 11 seats and a 30mm gun turret. 
FV510 Warrior British Tracked fighting vehicle uses L14a1 APDS shells and 30mm gun.
T62 Soviet Tank. 115mm gun.
Challenger 2 The main tank of the British Military, which can boast of 120mm gun.
M1a2 Sepv3 One of the newest USA tanks has a 120mm gun.
Leopard 2a7 Powerful German Military tank which uses m829 APFSDS shell.
T90 Russian tank, updated version of T62.
MH-6 Little Bird is one of the most effective helicopters, which can boast 70mm Hydra rockets.
UH-60 Blackhawk USA helicopter with 8 seats.
SU-30 Fighter jet, which can fire Missles.
USS Seaflow Nuclear powered submarine.
War Addon
1.16 - 1.19