Friday Night Funkin Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Friday Night Funkin Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition
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Version MCPE 1.17.0 – 1.19.2
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Friday Night Funkin is not so popular mobile game. So, it is uncommon to see some collaborations with FNF in other games. However, it is no secret that in Minecraft, you can find really everything. So, there are FNF theme modifications as well.

These mods are not very popular, but for people who love FNF, such mods are valuable. Read this guide, and maybe you will become interested in this mod even if you do not play FNF. Let’s get started!

Friday Night Funkin Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Two main characters in the FNF are a boy and a girl. The boy always tries to get the girl’s attention, but she ignores him. And in Minecraft, this idea is not changed.

So, by installing this mod, two main characters will appear in Minecraft. However, it is not the simple Minecraft mobs, and they will have special characteristics. To tame them, you need to use the microphone and sing to them. Do not worry; the mic will automatically be added to your inventory when installing this mod.

Also, both of the characters have quite powerful stats. They have 200 health points and eight attacks. However, the disadvantage is that they can not protect themselves perfectly. So, it would be best if you fed the guy with pizza and the girl with Dr. Pepper. And do not forget to do it regularly; it is necessary.

And the last thing that needs to be mentioned is the final boss Hatsune Miku. She is the main boss in FNF. Therefore, it is obvious that it will appear in Minecraft by installing this mod. Generally, this boss has four stages, and by beating it, you will get a spawn egg, which you can use to spawn her already tamed. Be sure it is pretty good, as she is extraordinarily powerful in Minecraft PE. She will protect you even better than a golem.

Of course, there are a lot of other things that this mod adds. However, there is no time to talk about them. So, it is recommended to download this mod and test other features yourself. Be sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Friday Night Funkin
1.17.0 – 1.19.2