Ben Ten Mod for Minecraft PE

Ben Ten Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17
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Ben Ten is probably one of the most popular cartoon series in the world. A lot of people are still big fans of this cartoon. Also, collaborations with Ben Ten in-game industry are quite popular. Minecraft is not an exception.

Minecraft has custom modernizations on any theme, from Among Us to Ben Ten. In this guide, you will find out about one of the newest Ben Ten add-ons, which is suitable for most Minecraft PE versions. Let’s get started!

Ben Ten Mod Guide for Minecraft PE

This mod is focused on creations in Minecraft. In this way, developers tried to create a Ben Ten vibe in Minecraft. By installing this mod, over 15 new characters will be added. Summon them to you can by using special commands. Below are all characters with a short description and commands to spawn them. Be sure it is useful for you.


Characters Spawn Command
Benjamin Tennyson. It is the main character Ben Ten. /summon ben10:ben10
Wildmutt. It is a god, one of the most powerful enemies in Minecraft. Wildmutt has powerful legs and can jump higher than common characters. /summon ben10:wildmutt
Four Arms. Strong enemy with four arms; try to avoid fighting with him. /summon ben10:four_arms
Greymatter. It is one of the less powerful aliens. Be sure you will easily kill him. /summon ben10:greymatte
Accelerate. This enemy is swift, but it has a small number of HP, making him an easy target. /summon ben10:accelerate
Diamondhead. As logical, this is a diamond alien, which uses them as his main weapon. /summon ben10:diamondhead
Ripjaws. This is a water enemy. So, you will not face him too often. /summon ben10:ripjaws
Stinkfly. The flying mob that might poison you with his attacks. /summon ben10:stinkfly
Ghostfreak. Be sure this enemy will angry you each time you see him. Ghostfreak can become invisible and go through blocks in this mode. /summon ben10:ghostfreak
Cannonbolt. This enemy transforms into a cannon and fires everyone he sees. However, it is too easy to dodge his attacks. /summon ben10:cannonbolt
Heatblast. Just simple fire alien, nothing unique. /summon ben10:heatblast
Gwendolyn Tennyson. She is Ben Ten’s cousin, but she has magic power. Gwendolyn Tennyson can fly and throw magic balls while flying. /summon companion:gwen
Grandpa Max. Ben’s grandpa a pretty good with guns. Nothing special. /summon companion:grandpa_max
Charmcaster. This man will be creating golems and fireballs trying to kill you. Be pretty careful spawning him. /summon enemy:charmcaster
Stone Creature. This is a golem, which charmcaster spawns. /summon enemy:stone_creature
Kevin Levin. A powerful enemy that can absorb a lot of energy. Also, he can absorb Omnitrix. /summon enemy:kevin_levin
Kevin 11. The second phase of Kevin Levin is much more powerful. /summon enemy:kevin11
Vilgax. The main enemy will be trying to take over the planet. /summon enemy:vilgax

Additionally to all these characters, the developers added Rust Bucket, a real copy of Ben Ten’s car. That is how it is. Hope this information was helpful to you!

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