New Ores Mod for Minecraft PE

New Ores Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.19.2
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It is not a secret that ores in Minecraft have become entirely usual for any player. However, even this is not the main problem. The point is that only Diamonds, Iron, and Redstone are three ores widely used in the game. Gold and other resources are useless.

To add some variety to Minecraft, players have created New Ores Mod. By installing this mod, a few new ores will be added to the game. Continue reading the guide to find out more!

New Ores Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

As you know previously, this mod adds new ores to Minecraft. However, do not think that it will be poorly detailed ores with poor functionality; it is not so. These ores can be used to craft different items, such as weapons and others.

Also, this mod will make your mining more attractive, which is essential. So, you will no longer play in full focus to get the diamonds. There will be a lot of other valuable resources that you can get.

What New Ores Mod Adds 

This mod will add silver, bronze, ruby, sapphire, cold-iron, aquarium, crystal, and other ores into Minecraft PE. Also, old ores will not be deleted; they will stay in the game, and you will also be able to find them in caves. So, it would help if you did not care about it.

You need to know that custom ores have the same options as classic Minecraft ores. For example, you can make silver bars to get a new silver block, which looks pretty attractive. Or you can spend your bronze to create a mighty bronze sword. It is only your decision.

The last cool thing about New Ores Mod is that you can use it to launch a public server. Be sure most Minecraft players will find such modification interesting, positively affecting your server online. However, do not combine it with other mods to not make your server overjuiced.

In conclusion, New Ores Mod is one of the best modifications to download in Minecraft 2022. Moreover, it is suitable for most Minecraft versions, which is perfect. So, why have you not installed this mod yet?

New Ores
0.14.0 – 1.19.2