Minecraft PE Mods For Boats & Ships

Minecraft PE Mods For Boats & Ships
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Version MCPE 1.17
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A significant part of the Minecraft world is taken by rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Probably, it is the most uninvestigated part of this video game. However, if you ever want to travel on the sea in Minecraft, the only opportunity for you will be swimming by yourself. This way is complex and not effective; that is the problem.

And there is a solution – install unique Minecraft mods. With these mods, your wood blocks will become actual water vehicles on which you can travel or even go on the voyage. 

However, there are too many water mods in Minecraft. Therefore, it is hard to pick the mod worth installing. For that reason, the best Minecraft mods for Boats & Ships are presented here. So, let’s start!

Island Mode

This mod is a “must-have.” Unfortunately, the ocean in Minecraft is too undervalued. There are no islands or relief features, and this mod is supposed to fix it.

By installing this mode, islands will appear in the game. And not a few islands, be sure the ocean will be filled up with them. All islands will be unique, with different sizes and biomes provided. It is possible to say that without this mod, others appear simply useless.

Small Ships Mod

This mode adds seven portable vessels to Minecraft. However, the best thing is that you will be able to craft these vessels in survival mode using wood. And any type of wood is suitable for crafting, even the wood types added by other mods.

Additionally, small ships are very well customized. You can put a flag or other unique print on the wind. Moreover, despite the small size, these ships can boast a high capacity. You can use them even as your portable house. It is only your decision.

Pirates Mod

As logical, the pirates mod adds pirate vessels into the game. And this mod perfectly fits the multiplayer mode, especially if you use the islands mod. You can take over certain islands with your friends and afterward fight each other. 

Additionally to pirate vessels, this mod adds many other pirate items, such as entirely usable cannons or climbable ratlines. However, the fact is that this mod is unsuitable for playing solo. It will appear too dull. And if you will play with your friends, remember that pirate vessels are enormous. Therefore, use them only in the ocean.

So, that is all with mods for Boats & Ships in Minecraft. Of course, there are a lot of other mods that are worth your attention. However, these are the best. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you!

Small Ships