Jurrasic Vehicles Mod for Minecraft PE

Jurrasic Vehicles Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.17.30
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The Jurassic theme is one of the most popular themes in video games. There are a lot of popular games that are aimed only at the prehistoric thematic, such as ARK and Rust. And if you want to have something Jurassic in Minecraft PE, the only option for you is to install modifications. 

By reading this guide, you will find out about the Jurrasic Vehicles Mod. Combine it with some dino-thematic world, and your Minecraft PE will be a copy of ARK. And if you want more information about this mod, just read the guide below. No time to lose; let’s get started!

Jurrasic Vehicles Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

The main thing that will be added by installing this modification is a lot of new vehicles. In the Jurrasic Vehicles Mod, you can find everything, from the modern American jeeps to the fast helicopters. And the full list of added vehicles is Jeep, Motorcycle, Gyrosphere, Ford Explorer, Helicopter Ingen, QuadBike, Military Hummer, and Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab. All these cars have different seating capacities; just keep it in mind.

And the best thing about this modification is that all vehicles can be crafted in survival mode. Be sure; it will make your survival much more interesting. Moreover, you can paint your car and helicopter using special paints that will be added with this modification. It is just up to you.

However, there is one disadvantage. To drive these cars, you need to make fuel, which you can get from 2 new items that will be added by installing this mod: Fluid Extractor and Fluid Filter. The Fluid Extractor is used to make the unfiltered fuel, which is used for cars, while the Fluid Filer is used to make Filtered Fuel, which is used for helicopters.

Of course, it is only a small part of Jurrasic Vehicles Mod, and to find out everything about this mod, you need to install it yourself. Be sure it will not take more than a few minutes but will bring a lot of positive emotions. That is how it is.

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