Modern Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE

Modern Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE
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Version MCPE 1.18
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No secret that Minecraft is an old game, and it looks like an old game. The best way to fix it is to install some modern texture packs or shaders. However, there are other, less popular but still effective ways to make your Minecraft look like a modern game. 

One most extraordinary secondary way is to add modern blocks into Minecraft PE. And by reading this guide, you will learn about the Modern Blocks Mod. One of the mods that will allow you to do it. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

Modern Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE Guide

Additionally, to all new blocks, this mod adds to Minecraft PE, and it also adds three new tools. They can not be crafted in survival mode; the only way to get them is to obtain them using a creative menu. The first tool is a plastic axe used to destroy plastic blocks. The second one is Wood Saw, which is used to destroy wood blocks faster, and this effect will work even with ordinary Minecraft blocks. And the last tool is the sledgehammer, which is used to destroy the stone-type blocks faster.

There are six block categories, and each includes approximately 50 unique blocks. And if it comes to blocks that Modern Blocks Mod adds, it is an uncountable number. So, there is no reason to talk about every category. Let’s speak about the two of the best, and the other four you will be supposed to explore yourself.

The first and the best category is city blocks. Be sure they are the most modern blocks you can find in Minecraft PE nowadays. And the best block in this category is a roadblock, which is one of the few connectionless blocks in this modification.

And the second category that is worth your attention is decorative blocks. They are in 16 colors and different forms. So, you can easily use them just as you want. Whether you wish to build a PvP map or the house for survival mode, these blocks are suitable everywhere. Just feel free to pick the best block for you and use it.

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